have ventured into the pillow industry keeping in view of our customer demands for high quality and comforting pillows.

We manufacture and supply pillows to decorators, hospitals, hotels, and department stores.

We understand the need of the correct pillow to sleep on every night for a comfortable sleep and have released our pillow production line to the consumers to enjoy the luxurious sleep of a hotel bed in your bedroom.

Our best-selling pillows are

  • 3 chamber pillows
  • Duck feather/Down Pillow
  • Micro fibre pillow
  • Ball fibre pillow

Available sizes are Standard, King and, Continental

Our pillows are double stitched, and piping is stitched to ensure no fibre or feathers come out of the pillow giving our customers the peace of mind and abolish the process of rebuying pillow, also making it a luxurious collection to your bed.